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A startup accelerator that is interested in your success, not your equity.

4thly Venture Studio.

A global startup accelerator program that is fee-based, not equity-based.

4thly accepts a limited number of entrepreneurs each year into our Venture Studio program.

Like most startup accelerators, it is designed to help entrepreneurs get their venture to the next level. Unlike most startup accelerators, we do not take equity. Instead our client companies pay a simple fee each quarter, for as long as they’d like to stay in the program.

Our focus is getting our startups investor-ready, connecting them with the right advisors, making introductions to corporate partners and investors, and accelerating growth.

We’re interested in your success, not your equity.


The 4thly Venture Studio is conducted remotely, so that you continue to build you business, wherever you are in the world. We consider startups who fit the following profile:

  • Highly motivated founders who are either full-time on the enterprise or willing to go full-time when the time is right.
  • Performed initial work to validate the product against market needs.
  • Have visibility into 6-12 months of operating expenses.
  • Able to join at least one video call per week.

We have a strong preference for startups with a social benefit angle. So when you send us a pitch, make sure you discuss the positive social impact your startup could have.

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4thly supports entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we deliver our expertise worldwide.