What is the 4thly startup accelerator like?
Intense, and collaborative. It’s six weeks of immersion, learning from experts, pushing your venture forward, and creating what we hope are lifelong connections with the other entrepreneurs in the program.

What is the meeting schedule?
Typically, we hold an all-hands meeting via Zoom every Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 8am Pacific time, for an hour. Plus at least 1x/week your startup will have a 1:1 meeting with the 4thly team, working together on your venture. In addition, there are optional meetings during the week on specific topics. In addition, during the program the 4thly team is available to you for ad hoc meetings anytime, for any reason.

How are the all-hands meetings different from the 1:1 meetings?
The Monday meetings are typically a lecture from Bret that kicks-off the week. The Wednesday and Friday meetings are usually expert guest speakers on a particular topic. The 1:1 meetings are personal coaching for your startup, to work on whatever you want to work on for your venture.

Who are the guest speakers?
Experts such as a Silicon Valley attorney talking about startup law, marketing experts, venture capitalists, etc. You can see a list of some of them here.

Is there homework?
Yes. Each week there is a deliverable associated with The Launch Path. Sometimes it may be something you’ve already done for your startup, sometimes it may be a new exercise for you. Either way, the deliverables from The Launch Path are all things that any investment-ready, launch-ready venture should have.

How much of my time will this program require?
To get the most from the program, you need to be able to dedicate at least 15 hours/week to it. We recognize that everyone is busy, running your ventures and tending to family responsibilities, but this is an intensive program will require a chunk of your time.

Are the meetings optional?
No. The entire cohort will benefit if you attend the Monday-Wednesday-Friday all-hands meetings. We start at 8am PT sharp, and we will be done in one hour. We try to run a tight ship, because we know everyone is busy.

Are most participants solo founders, or founding teams?
We typically have a mix of both in each cohort.

Since everyone in the program is remote, how does collaboration happen?
Zoom and Slack. We create a dedicated Slack workspace for every cohort, and time zones begin to disappear as synchronous collaboration can happen around the clock. You’ll be surprised at how much personal bonding can happen a virtual program like this.

Why do I have to pay for this?
Startup accelerators operate on different economic models. Some take equity, some provide funding and take equity, some require certain corporate partnerships. We’ve chosen to make 4thly a simple, fee-based program. You keep 100% of your hard-earned equity, and you choose the partnerships that make the most sense for your business. Our focus is on helping you succeed. We only accept a few number of startups to each cohort to maximize the value of the experience.

If I’m accepted, what are the payment terms?
50% is due three (3) business days after you receive the acceptance email, in order to reserve your spot in the cohort, and the other 50% is due a week before the program begins.

What’s the Demo Day all about?
At the end of the program, we hold a Demo Day Showcase, where each startup delivers a pitch to an audience of venture capital investors and other business executives. Typically we have 150-200 people in attendance. It’s the culmination of the program, and for many startups it’s an important highlight.

Is my startup guaranteed to get funded?
No. That is not the point of this program. But we can guarantee that you will be much better prepared to get funded by the time you complete the program.

What’s the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?
Generally, an incubator is focused on thinking-up new startup ideas, whereas an accelerator is focused on helping existing startups to accelerate their speed-to-market and growth.