Autumn 2020 Cohort.
Bangalore, India

Shubu offers a voice-first AI-driven solution for Electronic Medical Records. Our proprietary platform improves hospital efficiency by enabling doctors to use voice for entering EMR data, ordering prescriptions, professing referrals, and more. See this Medium article and then find out more at

Dynamiq Data
London, UK

All over the world, there are small organizations without access to large IT budgets. Our mobile app empowers these organizations to manage data effectively and to take part in the digital revolution, transforming the way they do business. Find out more at


The cost of private college admissions consultants is out of reach for many families. Klustur is an affordable, on-demand platform for high school students to get 1-on-1 college admissions coaching from current college students studying at America’s top colleges. See this Medium article and then find out more at


The sharing economy has transformed many sectors and yet all over the world, large capital equipment for farms and construction often sits idle for much of the year. We bring the power of the sharing economy to this large market by creating a digital marketplace for sharing capital assets. Find out more in this Medium article. (Attigo)
San Francisco, CA is a product platform for product managers to make data driven decisions using data-led stories and AI. Product teams deal with massive amounts of data from different sources and lack direct visibility to make product decisions in real-time. Attigo increases visibility from stakeholders for product teams allowing for better data-driven product decisions, creating exceptional products and growing company revenues. Find out more in this Medium article and then visit

Pomar Lane
Santa Barbara, CA

We use data science instead of costly inspections to score property condition. Pomar parametric models save portfolio owners the cost of physical inspections, and inform the choices of individual home buyers. Our tools help reduce insurance claims, improve investor decisions, and make valuation models more accurate. See more at

Digital Swiss Gold
Connecticut, US

We democratize gold ownership, making it easy for anyone to add physical gold to their investment portfolio. We provide an easy, cost-effective digital platform for buying and storing Swiss gold in fully insured Swiss vaults. See this Medium article and then find out more at

Tacoma, WA

Psychedelics are coming out of the darkness and being proven to be effective for combating treatment resistant disorders such as depression, PTSD and anxiety. Ceremia is developing a new application to connect people who want to use psychedelics with the help of sitters, shamans and guides in a safe way. See this Medium article and find out more at

Silicon Valley, CA

PetsRN is a home health care service for companion animals. Our digital platform will connect pet parents nationwide with veterinary nurses (techs) who deliver virtual or mobile skilled home care. See this Medium article and then find out more at

4th Labs
Los Angeles, CA

Augmented Reality experiences are boring, gimmicky, and have limited interactivity. That’s about to change, We provide interactive, immersive experiences, where users can deepen their engagement with brands, venues, and experiences. 

Mexico City, MX

MIDAS is a cash traceability platform with an AI/Data engine that helps consumer companies and retailers make better supply and demand decisions. We focus on providing rewards to cash consumers for their purchases as an incentive to register their information through our app via a QR code. In turn, these rewards can be redeemed to purchase similar products in both macro and mini merchants and, as a result, obtain full traceability to purchases. In Mexico, over 90% of general purchases are cash-based. Our solution provides consumer companies and retailers with real-time data on purchases. Benefits are clear: make better targeted ad-tech campaigns, a detailed analysis of consumption on cash market trends, profiling of consumers, and digital access. Once a user base is established, MIDAS would be uniquely positioned to offer other financial rewards and services to the cash consumer. Making the platform the stepping stone towards economic formality. See this Medium article and then find out more at