The Spring 2020 cohort in the 4thly Startup Accelerator is underway! Eleven startups from around the world, immersed together (virtually) for two months, pushing themselves and each other forward. Want to join our Demo Day on July 9th? Request an invite here.

ZebraML, St. Petersburg
ZebraML provides a powerful new platform for preclinical drug trials. Our technology combines machine learning neural networks and in vivo experiments using Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) to accelerate preclinical trial cycles and deliver meaningful insights to pharma companies around the world.

Ravent, Berlin, Germany
Ravent is a guest interaction platform for the hospitality industry. The Ravent application and its wearables give guests a first-class digital experience while providing hospitality operators BackOfHouse data and order management capabilities driving profitability. The Ravent Go application helps the operator, its staff and partners fulfill customer satisfaction.

StrategyLabs, Dallas, Texas
Product and sales teams need actionable data, but it’s often scattered all over the place (both internally and externally). We provide a digital AI platform to help teams gather, organize and contextualize information, so they can build better products and accelerate their business growth.

Living Strategy, Silicon Valley
Living Strategy provides strategic planning products and services for educational leaders to create, communicate and implement an inspirational vision for their school community and the students they serve.

Focus, Moscow
All over the world today, companies are using design sprints to accelerate time-to-market in the development of innovative new products. Focus is a digital platform that uses design sprint principles to help teams to launch any digital product from idea to testing with real customers in just 2 weeks.

Piqls, Los Angeles
Co-founded by a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Piqls is a managed marketplace optimized to harness the power of smartphone photography. From individuals to Instagram influencers, from corporate marketing groups to ad agencies, Piqls enables on-demand access to on-location photo shoots – anytime, anywhere. 

BikeOn, Silicon Valley
BikeOn has developed an innovative device that converts any bicycle to electric assist in seconds, with no tools or skills required.  The BikeOn product also connects wirelessly to your smartphone, providing data that drives fitness, wellness, and personal health goals.

LetsUnDoIt, Pennsylvania, US
We complement therapeutic drugs with IoT technology to improve health outcomes from life-threatening personal and public health emergencies. By driving efficiencies in response, and harnessing the power of data, we strive to help victims now and prevent fatalities later.

Insight Scout, St Petersburg
Football coaches at all levels spend hours reviewing game tapes. Our unique AI-driven platform helps coaches become dramatically more efficient by automatically reviewing game tapes and delivering actionable insights.

Gossip, Inc, St Petersburg
Gossip is a new social media app built around creating and sharing short voice stories that entertain, inform and inspire.  Our platform allows users to create voice stories, post them to a feed, add audio effects, and share with friends.

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